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My boyfriend Nigel took this video of me smoking hookah.
Follow my photo tumblr!
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//... [02 Feb 2010|11:06pm]

My friend Justin took this video of me using my new camera last night.
I really, really need to shave.
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[29 Jul 2009|08:02am]
4 is my favourite number | What's yours?

//QUIT PLAYIN GAMES (WITH MY HEART). [27 Jun 2009|04:03pm]

I got a lil drunk at my friend Alana's birthday at a karaoke bar here in Victoria.
(I'm planning a move to Vancouver by the end of the year... feeling stagnant!)
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//BFF. [13 Jun 2009|05:53am]

significant brotherCollapse )
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//update. [30 Nov 2008|08:26am]
FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scottloudoun
EMAIL: scottloudoun@gmail.com
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//news. [05 Aug 2005|05:55am]

!!!Collapse )

Ben became a big brother to a baby boy yesterday at 2am.

There's no definite name yet, but his first or middle name will be Hael.
Whether or not it actually is his first name is meaningless, because he won't refer to him as Jason.

I love you bro.
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//filipino! filipino! filipino! filipino! [31 Jul 2005|11:44am]

galing sa baryo sa pangbato Collapse )

I never put myself in front of the cut alone.

A few pictures from the night Kaylee and Luke came to visit my enraged self.
It was the night of the caps lock bold big fury entry.

We ran into some Mount Doug.
AMac, Chris Taylor and Spencer Moyes.

Luke got his awk on.
Just how he loves it.

Orange narcissists mingle.

Met up with some deer.

They had to go.
But we got their MSNs.
So we'll keep in touch.

It's that beat that make you bump your bum.

"Why do I only look sad or confused in pictures?"


Alright, stop.
Barbie time.

Singer/recording artist Brady made an appearance.

Have you ever loved somebody so much it made you pry?

Stupid outfit.

Like, oh my God.

I'm still laughing.

Using my car sun shade thing as a backdrop didn't work out so well.

So worth posting this gorgeous photograph.

I decided to look through the sewing book while Ashley tried on a black (not yellow!) bikini.
That's a big deal if you know Ashley.

I am so scarred.


Dwindled beach fire.

The day of the Black Eyed Peas show I realized how fucked it was that I wasn't going.
I'm already not going to BSB or Destiny's Child as far as I know,
So I wasn't passing up one in my own city.
Our seats showed my tardy decision.

I didn't take pictures of Jully Black because... wait...
Who's Jully Black?

Talib Kweli!

Where is the love?
Blatantly hanging adjacent to each other from the ceiling, obv.


please right-click >> save as so as not to ass rape the bandwidth

Hey Mama
Don't Phunk With My Heart

TIGHT show.
Like, TIGHT tight.
I had no idea Fergie actually had a sensational voice.
The height and length of her notes fiercly battled the Divas Live overrateds'.

Beach fire that night with the Top Model crew plus Ian Lock, who is coincidentally NOT Ian Locke.

The next day Vanessa invited a few of us over to her dad's for some pool time.

Vanessa won that one.

pumunta ng LA nagtrabahoCollapse )


Card and OC games with Whitney at Spencer's house with his sister.

We visited myyy McDonald's.
Remember that jingle?

Spencer hating on the Neos.

Ashley got her hair did!

Just kidding.
Well, she did, but not just because.

The reason?
Note the fake enthusiasm due to this year sucking my left nut.
Even though that's totally unfair because it's only because last year fucking REIGNED.

"You're the beast... again?"
-Unfortunately more than one person

Ashley volunteers every year.
This year she was the sun.

And who did we run into but the infamous Kim Magi & Co.

It's about time.

Cowboy Spencer dangles his homemade Homestar lantern.

The next morning were the X-Men 3 auditions.
Those of us applying met at James' to take the requested pictures to attach to our resumes.

I thought I'd post some outtakes.

These were the finals.

Ashley's make-up wipes prove not flawless in execution.

Once there, we realized how out of place we were.
They weren't kidding when they said... unique.
We got turned down for being "beautiful".
No joke.

We were... flattered?
It's our own fault for hussing ourselves up to look like we go to a mutant school.
They took our resumes and pictures in case they need people that don't look like mutants sometime.

Drive-In night at A&W post dinner at Granny and Grandad's with Ashley.
25 cent root beer and orders brought out to your car complete with window tray!

I'll refrain from the explanation of how, but we met Shawn Desman.
Again, for me.

Things funny about this picture
Ho in the back.
How short he is.
His WTF pockets.
Black dude's shirt.
Sam's expression.
Ness and I sleeping.

...and yet again did I embarrass myself. Last time I met him I asked him to give me a really ghetto pose for a picture and he... didn't see the humour in it. Definitely took himself seriously back in his fat days. It actually took me a week to get over Shawn Desman "hating me". I'd love to pretend that was more than two years ago.

This time he comes over and shakes our hands individually complete with eye contact. It makes absolutely no sense how with actual (no offense, Canada) famous people like Adam Brody I'm fine or bordering on cocky. Even with Pam Anderson! But for Shawn Desman or even Avril back when she just had one song, I get SO sketched.

What I was TRYING to get across was that since he played a bar show, we didn't get to see it. But what did I say?

SD: What's your name?
Me: Scott...
SD: I'm Shawn.
Me: ...we're 19.


SD: Well, how old do you have to be to get in?
Me: 19.
SD: ...

You had to be there to experience the full awkwardness of the situation.
I almost came on in and threw it up.
Thank God for Sarah Smith.

Her and Shawn's dancer and best friend Jungle had quite the interaction.

How could we stay awkward and make idiots of ourselves simultaneously?

So unfortunate.

I bet you thought it couldn't get worse.
You thought wrong.

Yes, I stole Shawn Desman's trash.

I at least expected interesting shit like condoms with red hairs attached.

Instead, this is the most interesting thing we found amongst the McDonald's.

And wipes.

I was dared to lick a fork that was in the only healthy food bowl of the lot.
We know that Shawn is dieting and can't even eat oh my God Scott shut the fuck up.

A level.
And the healthy shit.

I wonder if Brad knows!
...that Shawn blows at punctuation.

So many Americans are confused right now.
Shawn Desman is a dancing singer on high rotation in Canadian radio and music television.
You may have also caught him in the movie Honey with Jessica Alba as a singer that remained nameless, but you didn't.

Recommended downloads for virgins of Shawn Desman's epic musical masterpieces: Get Ready, Shook, Sexy, Let's Go, and Red Hair (even though I seem to be the only one that doesn't hate it). His songs range from topics such as girls, the club, dancing, girls at the club, dancing with girls at the club, and threesomes.

Out of curiosity...

Poll #543149 Canadians please skip

I am NOT CANADIAN and have...

heard of Shawn Desman
never heard of Shawn Desman
223 is my favourite number | What's yours?

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